That Eric Thing (poizenkat) wrote in artists_beware,
That Eric Thing

How to be polite to an annoying commissioner

So someone from secondlife contacted me about a commission. So i immidiately gave him my email and told him to send me one there. Her refused to look at my price list, forcing me to copy and paste the entire thing, and it was pretty obvious he didnt read my TOS or he wouldve filled out the commissioning form listed there.
When i asked him for a reference sheet he said he didnt have one and gave me a very vague description (only name height weight and colors. no species or anything) so i gave him a form to fill out and he said "no but i already gave it to youuuuu!" and sent me some pictures saying that I should make it look kinda like this just not like it.
then he added me to msn using my email and started nagging me about it. after awhile i canceld the commission telling him i didnt feel comftorble working with him at the time. BUT, i already shows him the sketch and he's demanding permission to use it and he's still bothering me about starting the commission again, etc.

any advice? XP

Tags: advice for artists, discussion
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