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Owed conbadge by Dahlia; anyone have contact info?

At FCN on April 11, I commissioned a conbadge from Dahlia (xDahlia on FA), who was also running a special at the time where if you bought a badge she would also throw in a free sketch. She thought she would be able to get it done before I left the con, but she wasn't able to. When I had to leave, I found her and offered to give her money for postage, and she said she didn't need any and not to worry about it.

Within a week, she posted a public shout to my FA page giving me a link to a photo of my finished badge that she had posted on her own FA page. I liked the badge a lot!

On April 21, she sent me a private message saying she had forgotten to ask for my address but that as soon as I sent it she would send out the badge and sketch. I provided her with it, and according to FA she did open the message.

On May 1, having not gotten anything yet, I wrote her to ask if she had mailed it out yet and said I was looking forward to receiving it. She never opened this message.

About a week later, I tried to go look at the badge in her gallery again, and found it deleted, along with every last other thing that had been in her gallery. It appears that she suddenly and without any explanation yanked everything from her gallery. I didn't even save the image of my badge, so it's totally gone. I never heard from her again. This is her FA, with the gallery now empty and all the shouts deleted (except a recent one that was posted after she disappeared):


I don't mind about not receiving the sketch, but I'd really like to have the badge. If she's decided to "leave the fandom forever" or something, that's her business, but since I do know the badge was completed I don't see any reason for her not to send it out. If anyone knows her and can ask her on my behalf, I would appreciate it.

(Sigh.) This is the second time I've been burned paying for a take-home badge commission on the last day of a con. I've got to make it a rule not to commission things that aren't going to be finished before going home.
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