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Part Two - Chapdav

I would have just edited my last post, but upon waking up to finding a PayPal dispute in my inbox, I feel this deserves its own post, for the sake of bringing the commissioner into public light.

So, the commissioner in this case, who I will now openly identify as Chapdav, is apparently a big child.

After following the advice from users here, I sent Chapdav this note:

I'm going to be very frank about this. I did tell you ahead of time that I hardly ever get any work done during my "weekend," which is mid-week. While I can understand your desire to want to keep on top of the status, I do have to say that I found your IMs to be bordering on a stalker-ish level of creepy.

Since you've already paid for the first image, I will go ahead and finish that one. I have started working on it, but there's quite a bit of work that goes into something from that angle, as I discovered from the last one I did, so it may still not be until later tonight that I get any sort of decent sketch out (I quoted 2 weeks completion, and half of that is the sketch process).

However, because of the frankly frightening attitude of the last set of IMs I woke up to today, I feel that I have no choice but to cancel the other four commissions. With everything going on in my personal life right now, I can't handle demanding clients.

This is the first note (sent in duplicate, as every. single. one of his notes are):

i'm sorry for seemign demanding or creepy i'm just very unsure with new commissioners. I apologize if i cam eoff that way. I've been ripped off a few tiems and i just want ot make sure things are getting worked on and not lagged. I said the one this mornign because tht is what fa said ot me. "your note was ignored" I hat ehtat you found my notes creepy. As I said i'm just nervous I'd like to keep workign with you if we could work this thing out.

I did not get that note until about ten minutes ago, since I went out for supper with my husband shortly after sending mine, and then went to bed shortly after getting back from home. This would have been around 10am PST. As I said in my previous post, my husband works graves, and since I currently rely on commissions as my only source of income, I like to match his schedule, otherwise I'd never see him.

After waking up, I notice an email from PayPal.

XXXXXXXXXXX has opened a dispute over the payment made to you on May
22, 2010 indicating that they never received the item.

It took me a moment to figure out what this was meant to be, until I saw the $50 amount down at the bottom. I immediately rush to my FA inbox, and sure enough, I see this:

I think its best you don't do any of the pics since you dont' want ot do it it win't be yoru best work and therefor I don't want to pay for it. Please refund my money.

He didn't even wait for me to respond to his first note. He just filed a claim and fucked up my PayPal account, which has funds in it that I NEED for this stuff I'm doing next month.

My response:

You didn't have to open a dispute. You completely fucked up my PayPal account. Expect counter-action.

His response:

You i didn't hear from you all day and after you've ignored my notes i had ot make sure i woudlnt' lose my moneyhave to open a dispute. You completely fucked up my PayPal account. Expect counter-action.

In case you can't tell what he's trying to say, he failed at cutting out half of my note. It took me a moment to realise that.

Shortly after, I received this in my inbox:

refund my money and i wont' escalate it to a claim and if you try anythign else i'll alert payapl that you are selling adult art and yoru accoutn will be permanently blocked so just refund the money and we will go our separate ways

This is still ongoing. I have since refunded his money, and I will keep you updated.

ETA that isn't: Just as I was going to post this, I received this email:

If there's one thing I really hate it's someone who doesn't uphold his or her word. I was fine to let you and David do your thing so to speak. But since you HAD to threaten him, I'm afraid you crossed the line.

You have no idea who you are dealing with. I would suggest that you take a DEEP breath, calm yourself before things spin WAY beyond your control as they are beginning to do. I know all about the situation and rest assured, YOU will come out the loser.

All I can say about what's coming your way is you brought it on yourself. Be proud you cock-sucking cunt.

It was sent from Yahoo address rleelee9999@yahoo.com, with the name "False," however I'm almost completely positive that this was a fur called Starsage (Star_Sage on FA).

I also just received this note:

LOL, and you'll never be able ot take another and i've posted yoru info there as well alogn with some pending comments form some people you may know. I'm reporting yout ot paypal as we speak so have fun

Again, I'll keep you posted.

ETA: I've just received this email from Star_Sage:

OOOOHHH, I'm sooooo scared! Please! DO that! I would LOVE it! It's not as if anything YOU do is considered art anyway. I hope you have another job since this will NO LONGER be anything you will EVER be able to make money on again!

Oh, and by the way don't threaten those you don't know. I have more information that you could ever hope to block or gather in your lifetime. Rest assured you will be known World-wide and not just in that rare, sheltered hole you live in.

Bring it on bitch!

I have ignored it, except to post here.

ETA: I have since emailed Dragoneer directly about this, and am awaiting his response.

ETA Again: As promised to Chapdav, I would like to retract Star_Sage's name from this. I've managed to get in some somewhat civil contact, and it seems as though Chapdav was letting StarSage take the fall by not telling me who sent the emails.

At this point, I've no idea who sent the emails.

ETA to the ETA: I've gotten in contact with the person on my FA journal that Kanagroo_Boy had mentioned. It seems as though K_B was just recounting a rumour that they've heard, and there wasn't much truth in their statement.
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