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Advice on a note not being read.

Well, it's not a warning or anything yet; but I'm unsure of what to do.

I recently commissioned an artist to do something as a gift, because my fiance is moving in with me and I wanted to get her something cute.

I sent the references on May 1st and the artist confirmed my commission and I sent payment via paypal. I asked the artist how long they thought it would take and got the response, "I have a good track record of prompt and effective delivery so you don't have to worry about a thing :)"

Then 2 weeks went by, the two people on their work list above me got done the same day, and the artist said they'd get to mine within the next few days. Ok that was fine. Then they opened up for icons and some trades so I started to get a little concerned, so I noted them and asked what was up politely and got, (paraphrased) 'We've been remodeling and real life is kind of hectic' (quote) "I apologize for the delay, and you should expect to have your commission done this weekend! :)" That was on May 13th. So now it's been another two weeks.

Then the artist posted a journal saying 'I really need to work on commissions, hopefully I'll get everything done by this weekend.' (that was last week).

I heard from a friend who used to know the artist fairly well that the artist has a tendency to do art for their friends quickly, and then blow off new commissioners, and I take this with a grain of salt since my friend hasn't been in contact with this person in a while, but it still makes me a little concerned.

I sent a note saying:
"heyo! It's been ten days, so I was just wondering how the artwork was coming. It's kind of a gift for my fiance who is moving from OK to FL and she'll be here on Sunday; so I was just wondering.

I know you mentioned your life having a lot of stuff going on right now, so if you don't think you can finish it by the 30th, or if RL is making you way too busy etc, then a refund would be ok too ^^.

Either way let me know!"

Because I figured, if the person is remodeling, then they really might not have a lot of free time and stuff, and I'd be fine with a refund too. But I sent that note on the 23rd and it's the 27th and it says the note hasn't been opened, but the artist has submitted and fav'd some things since I sent the note.

So I leave on Sunday the 30th to help my fiance move, and I was kinda thinking it would be done by now...and with my note not being read I'm really not sure what to do. I'm sure if the artist read my note then it wouldn't be as big of a stress for them, but I'm not sure what to do.

Should I just wait? I heard that the artist might be unreliable, (again, I take this with a grain of salt) but if it's true then should I wait or just keep asking for a refund?

Any advice would help..thank you!
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