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Posting about Zim Gekko again

I posted about three months ago here about a commission I've been waiting for from Zim Gekko since MFF 2008.

She responded to that posting, told me to note her on FA, and I did... It hasn't been read, and her FA account (Zim-Gekko) has been posted to more recently than that.

I sent a note to her other FA account too (Zagar) but since that one's been idle for a year, I didn't expect a reply. I've also sent her notes on Livejournal itself to no avail.

I'm hoping I can get some kind of immediate action from her based on her reading this community, I just want my $15 back. I really don't know what the problem is since she's obviously still active in the community and took the time to respond here back in February, but hasn't even opened the note she told me to send her.
Tags: artist-spacemutt/critterisland/zagar, fursuit, lost contact
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