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On Getting Info From Commisisoners

I have not one, but two seperate cases where I can't get customers to send me their shipping info after paying for shipping.

In one case, the person is not responding to my queries at all--that one was commissioned in person and he only gave me an email and FA as contact info. Since he has done nothing to respond to my notes or emails except favorite the piece on FA, I'm going to assume he doesn't want it shipped...

In the second, I have asked multiple times for this person's address. She definitely wants it--she's even asked me twice about it. For some reason there was no address attached to the Paypal (it says "no address on file"), and every time I shout, note or comment to ask for an address to send it to she either avoids that part of the comment entirely or says "but I already told you my address." We've only communicated through FA and I haven't deleted anything--the note and comments don't have her address. Finally in April, we were supposed to meet up at a convention but she wasn't able to find me in the dealers room (totally reasonable as I was only there on the sunday due to wait-listing etc. and the place was HUGE.)

I'm honestly not sure what to do! This has been going on since late January. I don't think she means to be a pain...I think she truly believes Paypal sent her address...her package is all packed up and ready to go out all it needs is an address and a stamp! I don't understand why she doesn't just send it again even if she's convinced I already have it. I'm honestly a little nervous she might even post me here or be giving me a bad reputation elsewhere that I don't know about.

What do people suggest? At the moment I have it in an easy-to-locate spot awaiting her to give me an address so if she does it can be in the mail the next day. I've already done the work, I don't want to refund her full, but I'm wondering if I should refund shipping, put the sketches in my "originals" pile and call it done. Unfortunately the first commission mentioned was paid in cash--the best I can do is bring it if I go to the same convention next year and see if we run into each other.
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