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Beware Yuchi yena

 This started back in July of 2008. Yuchi had an ad on the Furaffinity forums; Thread here
I had time and materials, so I though I would give it a shot. Her art was/is pretty nice.

The following are notes from deviantArt.


Though I thought I did reply, I could not find a reply till the following one from myself, 25 weeks ago. So my error there.

The second to last message pushed me over (2 weeks ago). She said she was updating with old art. Then this last message about her going to a con. I'm tired of being jerked around.

She has had three accounts within the time this has been going on. Has never messaged me about these moves, I found them out on my own.

I should have been on top of this more, but I too have a life. However, I don't have time to go to a con instead of getting artwork done. That frustrates me. For all the troubles she seems to be having she can't take an hour out of her day to doodle me something. -_-

As said I am frustrated and I thought I would let others know of this situation in case others have similar problems.

The piece in question that was traded; can be found Here.

EDIT: Yuchi has sent me a link to the Artwork which can be found Here. We have talked and I will let everyone know when it is received.

EDIT: Received the image 12/15/2010

Tags: artist-yuchidayena/hippiehyena/ictitheri, resolved, trade

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