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bit confused here, help me out would ya?

heysup. i'm a bit new to the whole "making public posts on LJ" thing so bear with me here. anyway, here's what i've got going on.

i was contacted via facebook by a gentleman by the name of Kyle Wiebe. he told me that he found some of the audio i had produced via Notessimo (which is just a flash knockoff of mario paint music really) interesting, and that he wanted me to produce the soundtrack for an RPG game he was making. he then proceeded to make a very very strong point about the fact that this is a no-profit project for him. he went as far as saying "this is costing me money to provide to others."  i figured it was fine, since i had just gotten a free 15 day trial of Mixcraft 5, so i decided to help this guy out of my own generocity.

so we agreed to it, and i asked him about what exactly he was looking for. he made a point to ask me if i had access to software other than notessimo, even though i made it clear that i did before i started work on it. he described the scenes i was writing for and i went ahead and got to work. when i finished one thing that i personally felt turned out well, he had quite a bit to complain about. i understood that he wanted everything to be just perfect, so i provided several altered versions of it. however, he still wasn't quite fond of it. so i told him i would come back to that piece and start on another one. unfortunately, he had a lot to complain about in that one too. so i moved on to another, and another as i had time.

after a while, he completely stopped contacting me. i didn't quite understand why, but i didn't make a huge deal about it. i figured he got busy, so i never bothered trying to contact him again. however, just a few days ago, i received a startling message from someone else i knew from the Notessimo website. reading exactly as this: " some guy on notessimo is contemplating putting some of your songs in some rpg game he made". i responded to this note describing the above situation in space detail, making sure to mention that it was made clear that neither myself or the other party would be turning a profit from this project.

the thing is, i'm not sure whether or not he was telling the truth about the whole "nonprofit" thing. the fact that he hasn't contacted me along with this message from a third party that i have received leads me to believe that he has already started taking audio i had produced prior to our agreement and has begun using it without my permission, which is NOT something he and i had agreed to. i feel that i have been wrongly treated in this whole situation and that all of the effort i have put into the pieces for this project has been completely wasted.

i haven't the slightest clue what to do at this point, so i'm going to ask you guys for advice? if it's of any use, i still have the unfinished pieces i had produced for this guy during the duration of this...event.
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