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Little edit: I get it already, you should ship originals of traditionals it makes more sense. Lots of people said so and I decided to do it, no need to keep repeating ^^;

Alright, I've gotten all the info I need, thanks! I will be adding the choice to getting things shipped to you or not. Only extra price adding onto the base prices would be shipping/insurance, etc.

I've recently gotten into doing traditional commissions. But as a default, I don't mail out the original (says so in my terms of service). I don't remember where, but I saw somewhere on here (artist beware) were it was considered ok.

It's a bit of a nuisance to send out originals for me. For one, it takes a while for paypal to transfer payments to your bank account. And me being unable to drive yet and my parents being busy, makes it hard to find a time to go. I also love keeping the originals to be honest. If asked, I do mail them out, but usually ask from 10 to 20 dollars for it, to pay for shipping, insurance, etc, plus them getting to keep the original which could be resold easily withought my knowing.

But, I'm not sure if this is actually considered ok or not. Since a lot of commissioners find it's part of the package to get the original ya know?

So anyone have any thoughts on this?

Little Edit: Just to say, I do know I need to go over my terms of service/prices etc, I just haven' had the time yet. I only want to know if it's ok to not ship originals as a default or not ^^ 
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