Millilicious is Delicious (millilicious) wrote in artists_beware,
Millilicious is Delicious

Anybody seen Hannerd/FirstMateMcNoPants?

It's been well over a month since I completed her commission and haven't received full payment. She has the completed picture already. I have noted her several times both on dA (Hannerd) and y!gallery (FirstMateMcNoPants). I know she's read the notes on dA since they're no longer orange.

Not really a beware yet, just wondering if anybody has seen her or heard from her?

EDIT: I wasn't specific because I was just wondering where she was at. I always take half payment up front, no questions. I then finish the picture and send a watermarked copy of it. In this case, I accidentally sent her the fully complete version (since I upload both at the same time), but edited the URL to the watermarked copy about three days later when I caught what I'd done (this was on y!gallery where you can edit your notes).
Tags: comm-hannerd/firstmatemcnopants, lost contact

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