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Warning Against Doing Business with/Where the Heck is Spacemutt/Zim-Gekko!

UPDATE: Got my money back with the help of Paypal and no word from Zim. Case-closed. I still HEAVILY advise against doing ANY business with Zim

Seven weeks ago this Tuesday, I bid on and won an unfinished Arcanine fursuit head (One that I would finish myself. The only work to be done on her part was dropping it in the mail) from the user Spacemutt/Zim-Gekko. I paid the evening that I won the auction (March 23rd)and was assured by Zim that my item would be shipped the next day....that was yet again almost SEVEN WEEKS AGO. I have yet to see ANY sign that my item has even come close to the post office. She'd promise by the end of the week that it would go out, and it wouldn't. Over and over and over... I filed a dispute with Paypal, and she yet again assured me that my item would go out, which it never did. At the six week mark (This last Tuesday), I escalated my dispute to a claim, left very negative feedback on Furbuy, and sent a VERY strong-worded email stating that I was pretty much done dealing with her flakiness and that I want my money back (If I don't have proof of shipping by this coming Tuesday). Like so many emails before it, I have not gotten a response from her. I am sick and tired of being yanked around and given false promises. If anyone here has regular contact with Zim/Space, please show her this post and urge her to speak to me. I'm done with being ignored.

Link to Auction:

My first post about this issue three weeks ago or so:
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