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Furbid commissioner conker666

Another day and another failure in my commission business *sigh*

So, three weeks ago (16.04.2010) a person named conker666 from furbid won one of my auctions. Everything went smoothly at the beginning: communication established, reference and descriptions sent. The only thing was that he couldn't pay at once, stating that the payday was on 23.04. Okay, fine with me. 23.04 came; no reply from the commissioner. I shrugged it off as it was weekend and not everybody might be sitting in front of the pc during these days. So I mailed him back on 26.04. reminding him that he still didn't pay and that I won't start working on the commission until I receive full payment beforehand. No replies. Then, on 28.04 I sent him another email, saying that if he won't pay, I'll have to cancel his commission and leave him negative feedback on Furbid. And, oh my, he finally appears and asks how much he owes me. Good, I'm hoping that the payment will be finally done. After this email from 28.04 I haven't heard of him. Not even until now.

As for the furbid system - lately, I'm being afraid of leaving negative and neutral feedback to uncommunicative and bad commissioners, as they tend to reward me with the same negative/neutral feedback even if I had finished their picture or didn't take their commission at all due to the lack of payment.
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