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So I have a bit of a situation and I'm not sure how to handle it.

January at FC I commissioned a picture from an artist inked color 1 character $40 sent the artist a note on FA with my best reference picture at the time since they said they would have time to check it later. Go to pick up my art the next day from them and well it was completely wrong my character is a corgi and she drew me as a reindeer. To be fair the reference picture I linked her was a Christmas themed one with fake antlers on it. I still don't see how they could make that mistake with my usernames everywhere including corgi in them and if she had looked through the rest of the gallery there is corgi everywhere.

We were around people when I picked up the picture so I sent them a polite text about it they apologized and said they would have to do something for me to make up for the mistake.

It wasn't just the mistake that bothered me though I has I had commissioned this particular artist before and I feel this piece wasn't the same quality.

My few attempts to get something to make up for it has failed so far as the artist doesn't respond. I even said I would be alright with a small icon something obviously not work a full $40.

Do I just let it go and give the $40 up as wasted?

EDIT… Sorry wrote this in a rush the only other time I commisioned this artist was at FC 06 and they had the art done even faster so I don't feel I was expecting too much.
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