Commodore Marie (commodoremarie) wrote in artists_beware,
Commodore Marie

Paiseley - Looking for Others in CA

Hey all, this is a shout-out to all of the folks that Paiseley has scammed. Specifically, I'm looking for furs who live in the state of California and preferably living in the San Francisco Bay Area or willing to make the trek here for a day if necessary.

For context, I'm planning on filing a Small Claims case against Paisley in June. I have only trivial damages, myself - $30 for two sketchbooks, the same as the court's initial filing fee - but am looking into joining other furs to increase the total damage amount. I'm willing to do the research and legwork if you're willing to supply some details and hopefully show up for the hearing once it's scheduled. Folks have been saying someone should try to hold her accountable - I've got the time and inclination, so I'm going to give it a shot. No promises of course, but I don't think I've got anything to lose, either.

Also, if anyone happens to have her address in California, that would be beyond stellar. I have her old residency, but I'm worried about diversity jurisdiction issues and service of process. If I can prove she's living and doing business in California, there is less to worry about.

Comment here or drop me an email at commodoremarie[at] with any questions or if you're interested in helping out. I'm in the thick of finals at the moment, so pardon if I'm a wee bit slow. I'll be getting the paperwork handled in the next twoish weeks so I can file and get a hearing date as early as possible - it's usually a 30 to 90 day wait.

Also, necessary disclaimer: I am not a lawyer so this is in no way an offer of legal services! I'm just one gal trying to use the system the way it's set up to be used.

Tags: artist-paiseley

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