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This has been tugging at me all evening. Not sure if this is going to turn into a warning, but it's a question none-the-less. His name wasn't in the tags.

I got a shout and a note from a "furlooker" today. Asking if I did porn images. There isn't an ounce of adult art in my gallery. He kept asking if I could do a male phoenix and a female phoenix doing, well, adult things. After asking how much he wanted, I learned he wanted a full-view image. I told him to look elsewhere, as I don't do graphic work. He backtracked a bit, saying it was okay that they didn't show anything.

So I lead him to my commission journal, telling him that it would be $12. He backed down, saying he wanted requests, not commissions. At the time I was posting trades and commissions, and have been closed for requests for months, and he never asked if I took requests. He just asked if I did adult art, not requests.

Has anyone heard of this person before, or had this particular request before?

I'd keep an eye out on this one. He came quite out of nowhere asking for a request without even looking through my gallery.

TL;DR: Furlooker doesn't look at journals, profiles, or galleries, but asks for adult art, acts like it's a commission, then backs out when a price is given claiming it's a request for highly detailed adult themed art.
Tags: comm-furlooker
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