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Scholastic Art Awards an Art Thief

I apologize if this is not my place to post but I feel that we should all be aware and help an artist on deviantart.

One of her paintings was recently ripped off by a high schooler and said high schooler has won 2 gold medals from her piece of "art".

The deviantArt artist talks of her experience in her journal here:

Scholastic Art Award Art Theft
Journal Entry: Sat May 1, 2010, 10:49 PM
* Mood: Anger

I haven't been active on dA for a while because I've been busy with finals but now that it's over, I come back to see that my drawing "Selfish" has been plagiarized and won 2 gold awards at the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Competition [ ]

You can see the plagiarized drawing at [ ] but you have to go to "FILTER", then click on "Art", then "Painting". The thief in question is Kasey Bowman who copied my drawing (( )) and renamed it "Stolen Wings". Is it just me or is this oh so ironic? She even copied the poem word for word...

Here's a screen capture:
[ ]

There's even an article about her [ ] and all the awards she won and how she got to go to New York for it.
And in another article, she comments on "her" work, and how it was inspired by a poem. Yeah, because reading my poem inspired her to draw something that looks almost exactly like the drawing? What are the chances of that?
[ ]
And she will be awarded by her school [ ]

Sad thing is, that's not the real problem...

I actually found out about this art theft on April 6th and e-mailed the Scholastic people at about the issue with all the info required on the the "COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT CLAIM NOTICE AND PROCEDURE", but I did not receive a reply. I was too busy with studying and research essays to look into why, but now I do know and it's really pissing me off. If you check their current Terms of Service page [ ] , you'll see they've changed the copyright infringement procedure to "do not send such notice to our e-mail address", instead we must mail to the address or fax them (without providing a fax #). There's a statement saying they can change the procedure anytime they want without prior announcement.

I will be writing a mail to them...ONCE THEY PUT UP A PROPER ADDRESS TO MAIL TO!
This is exactly what they have on the site:

"Legal Department
Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, Inc.
557 Broadway – Room ______
New York, NY 10012

Or send us your written communication by facsimile to: [FAX Number]"

Room??? So we're not suppose to e-mail, there's no fax # (just the words "FAX Number")and the address is incomplete?

Why am I so angry? Let's see, the Scholastic Alliance for Young Artists and Writers is the leading organization in helping young artists getting noticed, yet they take copyright infringement issues so lightly. I know for a fact that the person who informed me about art theft also contacted the the Scholastic people; she told me that even her AP art teacher and fellow classmates wrote to them about the unfairness of the competition. Yet we were all ignored because the plagiarized drawing is still on their site and people are still noting me about the issue.

Is this how young artists should be seen? Winning a contest held by people who are so irresponsible that anyone can cheat their way to the top? Even Myspace has a better copyright protection program; at least when I e-mail them about it, I get a reply within a few days, and they don't randomly change the procedures to make it my fault for not sending in the complaint properly.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could e-mail them at or a& and tell them how you disapprove of their poor copyright protection procedure. Though seeing as how they like to ignore e-mails, I'm not sure if it'll work but I want to try. I really don't want any future contestants to loose to an art thief and be ignored.

*sigh* I just needed to rant this out. I'll be sorting through all the notes and e-mail in the next fews days and hopefully put up some new drawings as well. Chapter 2 of Knite will be out within a month, and since I'll be on break, I can finish a new chapter every month. Thanks for being so patient with me, guys :hug:

New Update:

Thanks for all the support and help!!! :hug: There's even a Facebook group now [ ] haha you guys are too much! :hug:

I've e-mailed Kasey Bowman's art teacher and I'll hopefully get a reply on Monday. I'm also planning to mail/call/fax the Scholastic people on Monday as well. I'll keep you guys updated on what happens by then! :D

Thanks again for the overwhelming amount of help :hug: :love: :heart:

I have cross-posted this to art_theft as well. If there are any other places that would be a great place to post this, please if you can spread the news of this.

I'd like to apologize again if this post is not meant for here and will not take offense if admins delete this post.

FYI:: I ended up having to do a search for the facebook group. But if you type in "Kasey Bowman is an Art Thief", you should get it as the first result

For people who can not view it or don't have deviantart here's the ORIGINAL image being ripped.

::EDIT2:: Scholastic has already revoked the awards and scholarship and has removed the art from all sites. Should we say that this is resolved? I'm not sure. Personally, I'm more miffed at how Scholastic was giving yuumei the run around until they were hit by the angry mob. So, until they change their policy, we won't know.
Tags: art theft, company-scholastic art, copyright, resolved

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