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Who else is having problems with DARZI?

I will start by saying I have been waiting over a year for a fursuit commission that I am convinced has not even been started yet by Darzi. After winning an adorable suit on furbid, I decided to commission for a set of feet to match. It took a little bit, but everythng worked out well. I loved the quality of the suit I won and was offered a good price on a second suit if I used some of her scrap fur. There was actually a thread in fursuit auctions about it when she started the commissions. This was in the middle of last year some time and I can't find the thread now since it's been so long. I have been over the moon crazy ridiculously patient being I have gotten nothing but excuse after excuse and still not even one photo of anything in progress.

I commissioned the partial of a personal character and even sent some of the materials at my own expense. I consider getting those back as well as my commission a lost cause at this point, but I will be damned if she's going to keep all my money too.

I have offered for her to JUST do the head AT LEAST and send me the remainder of the materials for me to would finish it myself and she can keep my money and STILL even that is apparently too much. I'm sorry, if this sounds like a huge attack, but I know I am not the only one dealing with this since all the emails I get are "group" emails. So... is anyone else also dealing with this issue and has anyone else gotten resolution?

I am at my wits end, I have posted here and also on fursuit auctions to try and get some type of reimbursement from her. I don't know if she thinks her reputation is ruined at this point so why not just stiff everyone or what? I know she has been struggling with illness, lack of being able to keep a job... I was promised small payments back, but then she always dissappears when crunch time comes along.

I'm sick and tired of it and have more then enough emails to back up she owes me. I still have the Paypal receipt as well, but since so much time has passed they aren't much help in rying to get a refund for me.

I also know she's been dragged into court in the past. This is a hell of a way to treat a returning customer who paid in full, now I realize how stupid I was, but a year ago she did not have this kind of reputation! I'm not just going to lie down and take it though, just food for thought for Darzi.
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