Kierstal Renee Arzen (kierstal) wrote in artists_beware,
Kierstal Renee Arzen

Hey all...

Just dropping a note to say about a someone people who commissioned me that I've had problems with (thankfully no one's been an outright deadbeat on me yet)

Moldred - A nice enough guy, but I had continuous problems maintaining contact with him via email and messenger, and would often go for weeks or even months with no word. He *eventually* did get back to me enough that I was actually able to finish his commissions, but it was a pain in the ass to keep in contact with him on any kind of regular basis. Though I've heard some not-so-kind things about him from other artists, usually dealing with the subject matter he commissions for being a little too weird for their tastes (even though it technically wasn't on their list of things they wouldn't draw, my guess is because they just hadn't thought about it).. even went so far as to say "I'm not catering to his sick little fantasies anymore"... I don't know what that was about, since other than contact I've not had any problems with him, but I figured it was something you all should know.
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