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I got an email invite the other day to this site (it was an impersonal email addressing me as "Hi you" LOL):


From their site: "We're bringing together the work of 1000 international artists, illustrators, and designers in an exhibition and book unlike anything ever created before! We're showing off the edgy creative talent that is tipping the institutionalized art world on its head! You'll be gasping in wonder as you view piece after piece of the best independent art around! "

Apparently this is to be in the format of a book and an exhibition. They have some artists listed as part of the project but I noticed a lot of them were students. Now I have to admit, despite not having any experience with my art being published, a little red light went beeping in my head as I was reading up on this project. It started with the impersonal email that said my art was awesome but did not actually name any particular works nor ask permission to print them in this book and/or host them in this exhibition. Then I noticed on the site that accepted artists are expected to pay a $35 fee to participiate, from their Q&A section:

"Q: Is their an application fee?

A: NO! It is free to apply! Only accepted artists are required to pay an operational/participation fee of $35.00!

Q: Where does my operational/participation fee go?

A: All money brought in via these fees goes towards online and print promotion for the show, upkeep fee's associated with this website (ie: designer/programmer fees), mechanical costs (ie: DJ, Sound system, Webcams, etc), rental fees for the gallery, and promotion of the book! This exhibition is costing a TON of time, energy, and money to put on! Your fee helps ease that pain!

Q: Are there any other fee's associated with this show?

A: Yes. Artists must pay shipping to and from the gallery. The gallery will also keep %15 of the sale price."

Also noticed this part about artists getting a free copy of the book their work will be in:

"Q: As a participating artist do I get a free copy of the book?

A: Unfortunately we can not give out free books due to the HUGE cost of producing them. Sorry! We still love you! We will however offer all participating artists wholesale discounts on ANY book orders they place!"

To me, it looks more and more like a particularly clever vanity press site for artists, trying to entice more customers through this exhibition, which may in fact happen but does not mean the project can't also possibly be a scam along the lines of "Get your poetry published! Only pay to own the book with your poetry in it!" - the line in particular about "wholesale discounts" made the red-light beeping go faster.

So what say you? Heard anything about this site and/or the project? Do you think I guessed correctly regarding its possibly not legit nature?
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