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AVOID: DeRangedGraphiArtist/CaboGuyMedia

This is a bit of an add-on to this post here. I was given the okay to make an individual post on it.

DeRangedGraphiArtist opened a thread in the DA Job Offers Forum, needing a logo and mascot for his company which was a "Chiquita Banana competitor". He stated payment as $50 for each and only half up front, and needed 3 reworks per image. No mention of copyright, royalties, etc.

So I'm reading through, noting how many people were mentioning the price being too low. One person chimed in and the OP responded very rudely to him. I called him out on his unnecessarily harsh treatment of a potential client. I have almost 7 years of experience in customer service and you do NOT treat people that way. Absolutely not.

level 4 NPC enters - meets level 12 arseface

I go off and do things IRL. I come back several hours later to find a lovely note in my inbox, from DeRangedGraphiArtist, and figure he's come to tell me off for calling him on the behavior.

Nope. Instead he takes a personal attack on my portfolio and my talent as an artist.

level 12 shitstorm ensues

I'm furious to the point where I'm shaking. This was completely uncalled for and pretty much out of left field. I reply to the thread, thanking him for the unruly way he's treated me and warned him no one would want to work with someone who has no skills in customer service or HUMAN DECENCY for that matter. In comes surprise! an account that sounds just like him and rips me down a few more pegs.


I included the bottom part of the page to show how CaboGuyMedia responds as the OP to an artist's offer, leading me to believe this was a second account for this creep.

Needless to say, I would never work for this person even if he paid me properly and with a big honking tip. If you look in the first page of the comments on the thread, he's perfectly nice and ass-pat-ish if he likes your work, even if one says his budget's cheap. He seems to like to tear you down if he's not into your style.


p.s. sorry for the RPG and LOTR refs for link titles. i tried to amuse myself while posting this, as i'm still quite angry about it.

[EDIT!] Now it just gets lulzy. That sock or whatever, CaboGuyMedia, posted a thread that I was made aware of here, so I went off to do my duty and warn the masses there too.

it just gets nonsensical and pathetic at this point.

I had to paste it together because DA is moronic and likes to break pages in the middle of comment threads. Also pointing out that bottom comment, which is just like Really? REALLY? Whatever, then.
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