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I need a bit of help, and I thought this com would be best to ask.

A while ago, I had a transaction with a customer, and they purchased a mouse head from me. After making this "custom costume" as labeled with customs, he approved the product, and it was shipped from California to Canada. I had it on rush with FedEx, and it got there on time. Earlier than expected, actually. It was used at a convention, and the customer is actually quite happy with it. There were some edits to be made, however, and the head was sent back along with the paws and tail that went with it.

I completed the edits, packed everything up, and took them down to USPS, which I prefer to FedEx or anyone else. I've never had a problem with them before. Paid for five-day, and all was well. I watched the lady pick up the box and put it in her truck! This was on 3/31/2010. I wanted him to have it by middle of last week so he had it for the next convention, which is now over.

He has yet to get it. It's been two weeks.

He and I have agreed to wait until Monday the 19th to see what happens. It could just be stuck in customs. This is what I'm hoping. If not, I'm not sure what to do.

This is where I need your help. Ideas on what to do if he doesn't get his original head.

I would give him a refund, if I could. His head and paws were at cost of materials only, therefore, I don't have money to refund him, as ALL of it went to making the item in the first place. So it's not a matter of spending money before the commission was done. The commission made me no money, actually I lost money shipping it to him (I cover all shipping fees on my part, and ask for half of the shipping if it's out of the continental US.) Also, he had it at one point, and was sent to me for free repairs. But if a refund is agreed on or proper, I can find a way to do so.

Another option I can think of is making him a new head. I can do this, it'll just take me a while. I'm sure he's understanding, but I personally think this is unfair to him. The reason it'll take me a long time is that I'm working on four OTHER heads right now, and have fallen WAY behind in my fursuit commissions. He's been a good customer for me, I'd hate to short-stick him with putting his replacement at the end of the list. But it can be done.

Does anyone have any other suggestions that I can add to my list to present him if the box with his partial doesn't come in the mail by Monday?
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