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Beware: caelestistrucido RESOLVED

Final edit: Since this entry was made, further communication with caelestistrucido was resumed on a more reasonable level and she agreed to rework the piece via livestream. The final result was which I am overjoyed with.

On the artist's behalf, I'd like to address the paintover claims. She said to me directly that she does full paintings over livestream and does NOT paint over photographs. She also states on that picture that the reference for the original one was the actress Dichen Lachman. Having now watched her work myself, I believe her and hopefully that can put an end to this.
Thanks to all who gave feedback on this post. The situation is now resolved.

The purpose of this beware is to alert anyone who may be interested in commissioning this person is that she is very difficult to deal with, does not deliver images to the promised quality, and will indeed just put up the rushed 'finished' image without showing any works in progress to you and will be very rude if anything needs to be edited. AVOID.

I commissioned for a portrait commission after she put up a journal about it.
When enquiring on the level of detail there would be, she said "About the same as "aglo standalone", but perhaps a bit improved upon. :P"
This is that image in question. So bear in mind, she said it would be as good as this OR better!

I give her links to my three best references of my character, ALL human ones, and say that "Others are in my gallery if you require them, but the first picture should have all the main details I think. Her ear piercing, collar necklace and slightly wavy hair are depicted in it best and they're the main things I'd like you to include."

The image I am then given is this

Not only is it a horrible low-quality image, but it's anthro, contains none of the asked-for features and doesn't even look like her anthro form to begin with. The skintone is like a corpse, the eyes are wrong, the hair is wrong, and her face is hairy. Also, she doesn't get my DA name right or the character's, which could have been done with a simple copy and paste. At first she refers to my character as "Kasumi" also before correcting it to something else that's still wrong.

I respond with payment and try to request that she edit it to fall in line with what I asked.
Me: I've sent payment (my husband's paypal, the sender name should be joseph) but um... I didnt want her drawn anthro. The references I linked you to were the ordinary human ones and something seems off about the eyes. I think it's their alignment. The hair is fine that darker colour though and I'm ok with the collar being absent.
Her: You never mentioned that in your request in any part of the notes that I can see. There is a human version in my gallery as well. Not to mention, you said there were other references in your gallery, which I looked at, and you mentioned a piercing which I only see in the versions with ears.
Me: Indeed I didn't specify that I wanted her human form drawn but didnt think I needed to since the references I gave you were all the human ones *shrug* no matter. Guess I should've said something before.
The piercing was in the first reference I linked, this [link] but its alright since it wouldnt have been visible in your piece anyway.
My apologies if I caused any confusion.
Her:  The first link wouldn't work for me, and furthermore, you said "there were others in your gallery" so I presumed you wanted to go with the most general appearance of your character. You left it pretty vague. I appreciate your business, and it will help a lot, but next time you commission someone you need to make sure you're more specific, otherwise you're leaving a lot of loose ends.

At this point I'm tired of her attitude, producing shoddy work and being rude when I try to give clarification or ask for changes. The 'human version' in her gallery that she mentions is an older, less detailed version of the exact same image just without the ears.

I respond to her note with
"If the first link didnt work you could have mentioned that to me =/ the image I was talking about was this. [link to first reference on a different host]

Perhaps I did not specify the exact species I wished you to wished to draw my character, but working off your own incorrect assumptions instead of clarifying things with your client is not an intelligent business technique.

The end product was nowhere near the promised quality - you said, and I quote "About the same as "aglo standalone", but perhaps a bit improved upon. :P", and this does NOT compare to that at all!

The image looks NOTHING like my character as even if you had been going by the anthro references none of them depicts her with a hairy face!
I allowed you to take artistic liberty with the hair but that doesn't change the fact that it's wrong, the eye colour is wrong as they're supposed to be a dark blue, and the skin tones are corpselike! Were -all- of my reference links broken?

Hell, you couldn't even get the character's name or mine right. That just shows that you didn't actually care about this commission. It's rushed and it shows. I tried to be civil to you but that has evidently blown up in my face as you've been nothing but rude. Perhaps it is YOU who needs to re-evaluate.

Good day."

I consult my husband about this and we decide to perhaps dispute this via paypal since what I was promised was not what was delivered. I get a response from paypal telling us to basically sort it out ourselves so I try to forget about it, and move on. I wake this morning to find that since then she has been having a tantrum at me in notes and sending her friends to troll my page. Lovely.

edit: For those interested, here were the references I gave her

edit 2: It has been suggested that this image is a paintover. WIthout the source image to judge by, is there a way to tell?
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