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My unfortunate first post - *UPDATE AVAILABLE*

To all,

Had a friend direct me here, as I do not know where else to go and what else to do. Maybe I can get some suggestions, but I've already tried quite a bit:

Back at Eurofurence in September 2009, I had the great pleasure to meet gideon_hoss in the dealer's room. I'd met with him before a few times - we were amicable acquaintances, but not truly friends.

He, as per normal for an artist of his popularity, was swamped with work. However, I talked with him about a commission idea I had, concerning one of his 'bestiary' characters from his book which I had bought. In relaying the idea to him, he seemed quite interested, but it still would take a substantial amount of money as the amount of detail inthe picture would have been tremendous.

I agreed, and paid for the picture. I gave him a sheet of card stock and asked him to send it back to me, and keep me apprised by email. I gave him my mailing address and my email address at that time. He said that he would get in touch with me by the end of that week to let me know what had been done.

Week 1 came and went. No response. Same with week two, at which point, since I didn't have Gideon's email address, I sent him a communication via FurAffinity private note.

No response. At the end of week four, I had sent him a second request around October 13. This one he replied back, saying that he was busy from other projects, but that it was 'his bad', and that he really wanted to get this going because he liked the premise. He promised me: "Will give you updates VERY soon."

So I trusted him to it, and waited. And waited. And waited.

November. December. Came and went, no communication. January 6th, sent another PM to him. No resolution.

March 13, I found out from a friend about artists_beware, and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt before I posted here. My friend told me another mutual friend of ours got HIS commission almost immediately after FWA. This indicated to me that his backlog of projects that prevented him from working on mine earlier was cleared, and that he should have at least contacted me about it, if not sent me progress info.

I sent my last and final request for information from him, pleading for some sort of contact, informing how frustrated I was. I even got his email from said friend, who said he had talked to Gideon and said that he would again 'be getting in contact with me within the week'. Just to be sure he knew HOW to get in contact with me, I sent him a quick email on April 6, reminding him about the commission, and our situation.

I have still gotten no response, email or FA or otherwise, over a week later. I'm at my wit's end. I don't know what else to do.

I was warned by friends after the fact to 'never trust Gideon to take home a commission because he will forget'. I thought that was hyperbole. Now I'm not so sure.

I suppose I'm writing this because I don't want to see anyone else ignored like this. I don't think Gideon is a bad person - but his commission management skills need serious work.

Gideon, if you happen to see this - I still would like a resolution from this. Email me. Give me a private message in FA. But please - DO SOMETHING and TELL ME SOON. This is way too long, and I've been ignored way too much for this to be left alone. If you're not going to do the commission, refund my money and we'll call it even. If you've worked on it, please let's finish it quickly so I don't have to hound you.


EDIT: I just was informed by the aforementioned friend that the commission was done *AT* FWA, not *AFTER* FWA. This still does not excuse the lack of contact promised, but I thought it fair to mention that this was not something to be used against him in a court of law. (*Law and Order CHUNG CHUNG sound here*)

EDIT #2: I received a reply back in email from Gideon this morning. He professed his sadness concerning the lack of communication and his procrastination, and has pledged to get something done concerning this. No date as of yet - I am replying to his email to try to cement down a specific date. I'm feeling more hopeful this time around. I will keep everyone updated as to the status - if Gideon can fix the problem, he'll be back in my good graces, no problem. And hopefully Gideon can tackle time management/patron contact issues afterward to prevent this from happening again.
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