Anjel (anjel_kitty) wrote in artists_beware,

Hi just joined...

Hi I am new here, and though I don't really consider myself to be too much of an artist, I really wish I had found this site sooner becasue I was one of the many people that LordTalpaDevil666 has asked to do an art trade with. Unlike korrok however, I never got anything in return for my efforts:
featured here.
Aslo for any of you that happen to be artists in the Gargoyle fandom, I would like to send up the warning about emails from a guy named Chris asking you for this commision: Pic of Brooklyn in his "Future Tense" episode attire, he's in a blue
dodge neon and his arms are hanging out the drivers side passenger
window, he has a sad look on his face, his eyebrows are raised, his eyes
are wide and looking down at the pavement, his teeth are seen gritted
together on the left side of his mouth, Talon is seen walking up to
Brooklyn with an angry look on his face.
Just say no! This guy has no intention on paying you for any of your art and is looking just to get free art.

Anyway glad to know this community is around now.
Tags: artist-lordtalpadevil666, beware, trade

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