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Looking for Zim-Gekko/Spacemutt

Ho'kay so. Exactly three weeks ago (March 23rd) I bid on, and won an unfinished head by Zim-Gekko/Spacemutt (Via Furbuy). In the auction description Zim said that the head and extra materials were packed up and ready to ship. I paid the full amount owed ($50 for the head, and $10 for thee shipping) that night and exchanged a few emails with them. They said that they would drop the head in the mail the next day....yet again, that was three weeks ago. Unless the head is being carried by foot, one would expect that it would have shown up by now. A week ago I sent an email to them asking if they had shipped it yet, no answer. I sent a slightly stronger worded email yesterday, but don't really expect an answer to that one either. I know that Zim has a habit of sort of getting behind on things, so this is more of a "Where are you and where is my item?" post.

Here is the link to the Furbuy auction:
Tags: artist-spacemutt/critterisland/zagar, fursuit, lost contact

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