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Commissioner beware: Kibble.

I've been avoiding making this a widely public issue, hoping that it could be taken care of privately. Alas, this does not look to be the case and it's high time to put this out there.

Eight months ago I completed a husky head for a fellow who goes by "Kibble" or "Kibblepup". The fursuit's name is Icey, and this is the head piece in question:

Ordinarily I take a non-refundable 30% deposit upfront on fursuit commissions with which to buy materials, but as Kibble provided me with the fur I waived the deposit to start and lowered the price of the head. I had the head complete for him within a few weeks and then he came to visit me and picked it up.

He owes me a total of $400 for my labor and the other materials I put into the head. I have yet to see a cent of this money, and I repeat, the head has been in the commissioner's possession for EIGHT MONTHS now.

I usually don't let items go into a commissioner's hands without having received full payment either, but at the time I considered this guy somewhat of a friend and thought I could trust him.

Lesson learned: never trust when business is involved.

I've been contacting him via email and IM since asking when he plans to start payment. I've offered to let him do it in increments as small as he can handle, even ten, twenty bucks at a time until the head is paid off. He keeps saying that he intends to get me "paid off soon" but never starts payment. Given the amount of time it's been, I'm rather afraid I'll never receive it. He's stopped responding to my emails as of late.

Wish he'd just pay for the damn thing, as was agreed upon, so I could just forget it and move on. I don't like having to chase down payment. It makes me feel uncomfortable and like a bully.

Any thoughts on what I can do at this point?

UPDATE: Apparently harassment generated by this post has gotten to Kibble already, because he has contacted me as a result and is making new promises to attempt to begin payment. I will edit this post again and let you know if he does indeed come through. Regarding FCN though: please do NOT do anything rash. Harassment was not my intention, I just wanted to be paid and get this settled. It would be inappropriate for anyone else to get involved. Thank you.

UPDATE #2: Kibble has indeed started payment on the suit now! He sent an initial payment and we are trying to work out a regular interval schedule for him to continue paying off the head. Thanks for the help and advice everyone. The mods can mark this as resolved for the time being.

Kibble has also mentioned people sending him threatening emails as a result of his initial failure to pay. If you're responsible for this, please stop. Again, I did not want to cause him any trouble, especially now that he's gotten back into contact willing to pay.
Tags: beware, comm-kibble/kibblepup, fursuit, resolved

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