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Untrustworthy Artist: Mekoryuk / Siskmarek / Joshua Barney

Nobody should commission this artist.  He is entirely unreliable.   99% of the time he does not respond to e-mails and it is impossible to get in contact with him.  He gives no explanation for his behaviour; in fact, he normally says nothing at all!   I paid him for a commission at Anthrocon 2009 and after months of trying to contact him unsucessfully (he had removed his FA and did not respond to e-mails) he finally got in contact with me around Nov/Dec.  Last I spoke with him through e-mail in late January where we appared to have reached an understanding regarding commuication--although apparently not.  He said he would have my commission done by now.  I've been trying to contact him for a status update for the last three weeks and have gotten no reply.  He is active online; noticably his DA account but no matter what forum or method I try to use to contact this person he does not reply.  I have gone though great lengths to be patient with him and have been very vigorous in trying to contact him and to explain how I was becoming extremely frustrated at his lack of communication.  I am convinced now that he is either a crook or grosely incompetent business person, and definately not to be trusted with business.  I also happen to know I am not the only one who has been having trouble contacting them.  A fellow fur contacted me on FA to ask if I had heard anything from Mekoryuk since they had also paid for a commission and had heard nothing back.  Also, I will add that the artist himself has posted his name online (eg. his DA account) so I am not violating his privacy by including it in this post.  So, in conclusion: Avoid this person like the plague.  Mood regarding artist: Extremely disatissfied and now angry because they stole my money.  I hardly ever get angry but after months of being frustrated with trying to contact this person to find out what is happening and getting no reply I am now angry.  

[[Edit: Pasting links from comments below:]] Here's some evidence: http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/2500/evidencegg.jpg http://mekoryuk.deviantart.com/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/Mekoryuk [[Edit: July 25, 2010: New information.  See my last post below.]]

Please read: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/315864.html?thread=18212824#t18212824 .

Given the developments in this thread since the OP, I want to summarize my lastest opinion of the artist:

-- He is curteous when communicating. 
-- He normally takes a very very long time to reply but eventualy does.  (This is all or mostly due to an unfortunate medical condition that slows him down a lot.)  Perhaps he has improved since last year but I don't know.  I would advise that in addition to his e-mail new commissioners to ask for his phone# if he is willing to give it since contacting him online is (in my experience) unreliable.
-- He is not a crook.
-- He does very good work.
-- He appears to be well meaning. 
-- People looking to commission should probably pay him after the commission is finished or (depending on the cost of the commission) pay him a small depost upfront and the rest upon completion.  They should also be prepared to wait well over a year for work to be completed.

In short, it appears that this artist is well meaning and honest but, although I wasn't aware of it at first, is the unfortunate victum of hardship beyond his control.  He appears to be dealing with it admirably.  People should excercise caution when commissioning him only because he may be very hard to contact and takes a very long time to finish commissions but otherwise people will be happy with his work.

I will update this thread again once I recieve the finished commisison from him.

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