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Lost Contact

I'm behind on a lot of commissions and I'm very forgetful, so I tend to ask on my LJ and FA accounts that my commissioners please check my 'to-do' list [which I try to keep updated] and make sure they're on it.

Recently, though, I found a sketch of a badge that I started quite a long time ago and never finished! I know the person who was commissioning it doesn't watch my LJ and I highly doubt they know of my FA account, so they wouldn't have seen my to-do list. Unfortunately, all the messages in my LJ PM box [where we were discussing the transaction] have been deleted since I last spoke to them and I have no idea what their LJ name was or how to get in touch.

The badge was for a unicorn called Moontrail, but I know it wasn't Moontrail herself who commissioned it. Was it someone in this community perchance? I'd really like to get back in touch with this person so I can offer a refund or finish the badge. [To be honest, I can't even remember if they paid, so if that's the case, this isn't as pressing!]

[Also, if I need to cut the image, just let me know! I was hoping it was small enough to pass.]
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