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Conserns about GirlInflated/Inflate11223344

Here are her multiple accounts:

I was going to wait a little while before I posted this (to see if she actually sent the money), but I see that she's doing this to more artists so I figured that I'd do this before things got too out of hand.

So, I got a comment on the 24th of March from Girlinflated over FA asking for a picture of her character (or her) inflated. I replied to her immediately, saying that I would do it but it would have to be a commission. She said “Oh, okay” and I left it at that. Usually when someone replies with something like that, I take it as more of a “oh, okay, never mind” sort of thing. But, two days later she left a comment on my front page asking how the picture was doing.

Here are copies of the notes that went between us before we ended up getting onto msn (on March 25&26) and talking. I also have the msn logs (1 2 3), if you're interested in reading it.

To sum it up, she doesn't use paypal and lives in Australia. So I did the conversions and figured out how much she had to pay me. But, to top it off, she started being very strange. I expected this (I had spoken to someone before about her and he warned me that she would try to attach herself to me), but I quickly got annoyed. Towards the end of our conversation, reading it now, I think that I may have been a little too harsh. But I was far past annoyed and was beginning to realize that I was probably never going to get paid.

We didn't speak again till March 30th, when she sent me a note. Here are the notes between us.

At this point I know that I'm not going to get paid. The link to the sketch is now void (I took it down after I realized that she wasn't going to pay me) and I'm not going to send it to her again until payment is received.

On a side note, though, I also have this chain of comments that happened on my DA account. Although this isn't GirlInflated (apparently) I saw a lot of similarities between this and the convo that I had with her over MSN. So I'm 90% certain that this is the same person just being a troll.

The real reason why I decided to post this early was because I see that she's going around on FA telling people that she'll pay for commissions done by them. I don't want her taking advantage of more people. I also know that she tends to mooch off of people that give her art for free, asking them for more and more artwork. I've warned a couple people through FA, sending them notes when I saw he start to pester them about artwork, and so far she hasn't been getting to many more people.
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