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Lazeros/Shesta/Inkpaw [EDIT resolved]

I had a little issue with this artist
(the purple text is me and the light blue text is her's)

I was going through the journals on my message center on FA when I came across a journal written by Shesta, where she's offering some chibi commissions. So I approached her for one and I wrote:

I'd like a cell shaded chibi pic of Kolos

to which she replied:

Okies, You don't have to pay until it's completed, okies? I'll add you to the list and get started <33

she also sent me two notes, one was:

Ohh I forgot to ask, chibi anthro, or chibi ferral?

and another one is:

ohh shoot :C I went and did it feral... Is it still okay?

to which I replied:

yeah I only needed Kolos to be anthro, too. Besides, Kolos is a male, not female

and she responded:

Okies, I'll redo it XD

so she did this while waiting for my approval, and so I did approve it. And she told that she'll send me the note when she's finished

but a few months later, nothing yet.

When she recently moved to her new FA account, Inkpaw, I've sent her a note, reminding her about the commission while also asking for her PayPal address, but she didn't answer (maybe she overlooked it)

she posted a commission price journal and I commented on it asking her did she still remember the commission that she still owe me, but still no response

more to update (if she does respond)

[EDIT] Problem Resolved

She finally responded, saying,

it has?? I'm very sorry, it should be on the next batch of Chibis coming up.
I don't mean to just disappear, I run between a few different art sites, so I'm very sorry for the wait.

you don't have to pay until I have it uploaded for you.

(she finally showed her paypal address, but I don't wanna show it here in public)

again, I apologize for the wait.

and so I've sent $15 to here paypal and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her to finish this pic I've ordered

I find it ironic that she does owe me a commission, but didn't respond to my notes/messages reminding her about it. I'm not saying that you should avoid her (in fact her art is amazing, cute and beautiful), but did anyone else had that similar problem with her?
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