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Kitty in the Box

Need Advice: The fine line between friend and artist.

I've commissioned friends before, most of my friends appreciate my business as I always pay upfront, and most of my friends deliver the goods on time.

Unfortunately, I have the habit of not setting deadlines... how do you approach a commissioned artist that is also a friend when it's already been more than 18 months since the deal was completed.

And yeah, they are aware they still owe but offer several reasons for not having completed the commissioned pieces, an art block being the most common one. In my opinion, a little hard to justify when you do chug art, even for pay-sites, albeit sporadically.

I don't want a refund, I don't need the refund... I just honestly want the art... and I'd not mind waiting more if I could tell my friends are actually being honest about their efforts.

I've thought about this for months, I still don't know if I'm doing the right thing... I know common friends visit this site and I'd not be surprised if I get chided on the side... but I could really use some advice at this point.


Thanks for all the advice. I'm still trying to gather the courage to bring this issue up to 'em.

People are right, I should not have mixed friendship/business together. But it has hardly been an issue before.

One of the problems is that one of my friends involved in this took on these commissions because she had financial issues.

As people have commented, sadly people take advantage of friends, whether they're the commissioned artists by delaying the final product, as is my case, or they're the commissioner by not paying promptly, as been the case of other people that have given me advice.

I hope other people here in A_B can learn from this as well, both as artists and as commissioners.
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