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Commissioning Question

I was told to post here for advice.

Now, I don't want to drop the name of the offending artist just yet, I'd like some feedback first. So when you read 'Artist' in this post, keep in mind I'm referring to the artist I'm upset at.

I commissioned an artist on December 27th, 2009. They had opened for commissions on Christmas, just two days prior. The artist has a pay-in-full-up-front policy, which I at the time thought was ok. Four people, including myself, made commissions. One person even commissioned them to do two sets. The artist has approximately fifteen pictures to do, 3 pictures to a set. Four commissioners, one of who commissioned 2 sets. I'm commissioner number 3, so that means the set I'm owed is number 4.

Now, the artist has posted that their policy is to update their journal every week to two weeks, keeping everyone apprised of the status of the commissions.

I noted the artist 2 months after the commission was first paid for, wondering why there had been no semi-weekly updates. I was informed that the artist responsible was busy with classes and car trouble, and that they would try to get to the commissions shortly.

A month and a half goes by. I note them again, wondering if it was possible to get a update of any sort, and also asking about the artist's refund policy.

Two more weeks go by with no response. I note them again, thinking there was a server error, and ask directly about the possibility of canceling my 3-sketch-set commission for a full refund, given that I have had unforeseen financial issues come up during the intervening four months.

My question was not answered, and I was only told "I'll let the artist know you asked." by the artist's friend, since the artist them-self could not answer the question either time it was asked.

In the intervening four months, the artist has updated seven times a gallery they own to make money off of. An online pay-per-view gallery, to be specific. Each update is multiple pages. The updates were not old work set aside for a posting lull, but started and completed since December 27th, 2009.

The artist has only done page of the very first commissioner's set. The other four sets haven't even been started yet. It has been two months since they did that one page, and yet they have updated their gallery 5 times since then, all with brand new content.


Additional Information:

Taken from the journal of the artist I commissioned, regarding the timespan the commissions were to be done in:

"Twelve slots. $20 each. Single character, inked, with some tone work/shading. [artist] will try to finish them all this weekend**.

TFs, fantasy MMORPG fanart, L4D/L4D2 fanart, furry and a mix of any of these. No underaged or any content that [artist] would find offensive. Look at what we've offered through our gallery to get a sense of what's allowed.

This time we will allow people to get multiple slots. 3 slots of the same character in a sequence will be $50 total.

Private message this account with your details, including your Paypal name and email address, clearly what you want in as short of terms as you can, and one link of reference if you can. You must prepay the amount to [paypal address] in order to reserve your slot(s)."

**The journal was posted in the same week I made the commission, so I was expecting the commissions to be done that weekend as the journal says.

The questions:

Am I wrong for wanting a refund?

Is the artist in the wrong for putting their pay-per-view gallery in-front of their direct commissioners?

Should I note them more often about trying to get a refund?

  Or should I instead wait for the commission to be finished, hoping the artist gets to work on it soon (having 3 other sets to go through before my own)?
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