Vanessa (ichigoneko33) wrote in artists_beware,

User will remain anonymous for now, since I don't believe their trying do to anything bad.


A little while ago I sold an art pack, 4 different types of pics in total, on furbid (or furbuy, can't remember). I got full payment right away and sketched things right away. After that, it took me about a week or two to continue on to inks (after having their ok to continue) cause of computer problems, but got them done in a day once my computer was fine again.


On March 20, I sent them the flat colors. I didn't receive a reply, so the other day I sent another email, to make sure if they got it or not.


It hasn't been long of course, but usually people reply to me two days at the latest, so I went to check their FA. Seems they've disappeared for a while now and hasn't replied to other artists either.


I haven't lost anything since I was paid in full, but it is inconvenient for me to have these pics just lying around, unable to finish them. (I like to get to ok to continue on every stage).


I'm not too sure what to do, honestly. Like I said, it hasn't been long, but based off the shouts on their page, I don't think they'll reply anytime soon.


I now have a policy on my Terms of Service, that after about 5-6 weeks of no reply, I will refund the money for the work I haven't done (so example here being I keep the money for the flats I did) and discontinue the commission.


I dunno if I should do it this time since I took on their commission before I had this policy.

Tags: advice for artists


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