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lacusyamato2008's no-show shoes {edit}

copy pasted from a journal on my FA and DA, but here I will reveal her identity to see if anyone knows her and could possibly help me out here. Also, this is my first post here so if I did anything wrong I appologise in advance.

also, I'm curious if I am the only one having trouble with her aswell

she is lacusyamato2008 on deviantart

So, I commissioned shoes from someone a looong time ago (over a year maybe??)
so, I paid and waited.
she sent me a wip picture a few weeks after and they were looking great, almost finished.
then, about a month after, she told me she was moving and that I'll have to wait until she gets settled. understandable of course.
she hasnt contacted me until about two months later when she apparently was finally settled, telling me that the shoes have been lost.
a few days after she said she found them and I gave her my address for her to ship them off.
another two months later (shes had many journals saying how tough life is and all that so i let her be) she said she'll send them out when she has a chance.
ive been waiting two months, then I asked my sister for help, so she sent her a message demanding the shoes or a refund.
she sent this to me after:

Hey sweetie,
I"m so sorry I havnt gotten a hold of you sooner. A lot of things have been going on in my life, I hardly have time for anything anymore. I'm sure by now you have heard from your sister that your shoes have been lost. My step father didnt pay the bill for our storage and didnt tell me until just recently that I have lost all of my personal belongings, including my art supplies and my childhood items...
I am going to refund your money to you. If you could, please send me your address so I can send the money out to you.
Once again, I am very sorry this has happened, I really had no intention of this happening and I hope there are no grudges held, you are a very sweet person.

that was three weeks ago. I'm still waiting for the money.
also, apparently they were lost even though she found them and was ready to ship them off a few months ago?

here are screenshots of the notes, I hope theyre in the right order XD

So...umm...what should I do here? any advice? 


{edit} ok, so i sent her a note with the link to this and everything and she said she gave the money to her mother who should be mailing it soon, and she'll try to find the shoes to send me.

still not resolved though, I dont think I can trust that to happen until it really does after all those unfulfilled promises.

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