Vanessa (ichigoneko33) wrote in artists_beware,

You don’t see many posts here recommending people. But, I usually only see recommended artists, rarely recommended commissioners. So, here’s a couple!

Manda has commissioned me multiple times since she’s found me. She’s quick with paying and usually pays upfront and is known for tipping. She’s not scared to tell you if you made a mistake but also doesn’t nit pick you, she loves seeing what you can come up with on your own. She’s very nice and bubbly when speaking to you.

Alyssa has commissioned me about 3 times now I think. Each time she has told me what she wants clearly, replies quick to all updates I give her and is also not afraid to point out mistakes and ask for changes, while still being polite and not going overboard. Quick with payments as well ^^

That’s just two, I can’t think of anymore on the top of my head lol
Tags: comm-alyssacubi, comm-mandakatt, positive feedback


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