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Beware: Jessica Elwood - EDIT: RESOLVED

EDIT #2 all 3 compensation images have been completed! I've been very satisfied with her response :) This is most definitely resolved.

She has been an extremely pleasant person to speak to via notes (when she bothers to reply) but that does not make up for it.

January 19th, 2009. I send her a note on DA asking if their had been any progress with my commission. She claims to be without a scanner, but say she'll scan my sketches next week.
I wait until January 28th to ask her for my sketches after hearing nothing. She apparently emailed them to me but I never got them.

At this point, there is a little drama involving me venting annoyance about this situation to a friend, and that friend telling a third person who had recently commissioned Jessica, about it. This third person then shows the log of me venting- to Jessica.
Jessica contacts my friend wanting her DA page and mine, threatening to set her fans on us basically because she thinks we were
accusing her of scamming.
I contact Jessica myself on DA to straighten out the situation. Hilariously, the troublemaking third person recieved their art soon after while I am still waiting. By Feb 8th 2009, I've got my sketches from her and I approve them. Assuming she'd work on my commission soon,  I leave her to it and we don't have contact for a few months.

September 2009. It's coming up to my birthday and I remember about the commissions so I enquire. The note goes unanswered for a month so in October I politely request a refund. Jessica replies that she does not have the money to refund me and offers to do the art in 2 weeks instead. I respond that I feel I've waited long enough and reiterate my desire for a refund. She promises to pay me back asap.

January 2010 rolls around and I figure that my refund's never going to come so I contact Jessica about resuming the commission.
She agrees, and basically promises to have it done within the month.

Around this time, she has started posting racy pictures of herself on DA, followed by a poll of which body part of hers the watchers  would like to see, and in a moment of mild pique I reply to it with "I'd rather see you do your commissions instead." Unprofessional of me I know but still, I was frustrated. Jessica hides the comment and notes me, promising to have it done soon.

I respond by asking for some work-in-progress shots, which she promises to send 'tomorrow' (at this point the date is Feb 21st).

I wait until March 8th and note her again, asking for the promised update. My note gets read and ignored, while she submits a journal about her contest and some other art.

March 11th, I send her another note expressing my dissatisfaction with the entire situation. She responds with more apologies and promises to get it done 'this month' yet again.

It's ridiculous. I have been waiting a year and a half now!

Another friend of mine also commissioned her at the same time that I did, but I won't mention his name.
He has decided to let the situation go it seems so I'm wondering if there are others people out there too experiencing this trouble with her.

EDIT: After notifying Jessica about this post, we have discussed it. She has sent me a refund and promised 3 images as compensation. I'll keep you guys notified on if this compensation ever materializes.

Tags: artist-jessicaelwood, resolved

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