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Commission Problems with Lobby

Some months ago (July 24th, 2009) I commissioned Lobby for a full color digital image with a background. I paid in full what the artist requested for the piece, and then patiently waited for progress.

Almost two months went by and I noted Lobby through FurAffinity (September 15th, 2009) to inquire about the progress on my piece. The reply did not come for almost another month (October 4th, 2009) at which point I was told that Lobby was working on the piece. This was enough for me. I said that was fine, and I set to waiting again.

Another month passed, and I again noted the artist through Fur Affinity (Novemer 18th, 2009). Lobby did not even read this note. It sits, unopened, in my outbox to this day. A month later (December 17th, 2009) I noted again thinking that perhaps it got lost in the mix. This note too, sits in my outbox unopened. At this point Lobby has not posted a journal, or any artwork on FA for a couple of months, and I think that perhaps she is just not checking the site any longer.

I proceed to track her down through her Deviant Art account. I see that she has been updating on Deviant Art and I happily note her through their system (January 29, 2010). This note too, sits unopened in the outbox on Deviant Art despite the fact that she has just posted a journal to Deviant Art (February 1st, 2010).

At this point I can only assume she is ignoring me, for reasons beyond my comprehension. I have always been more than civil to the artists I have commissioned including Lobby, telling them expressly when I ask for progress that there is no rush it is only my curiosity. I have accepted easily being told that no progress has been made, and tell them to take their time in return. I have patiently waited more than 2 years to receive commissions when artists have fallen behind. It is only artwork I have no reason to get angry over it. None of the notes I have sent Lobby have been anything less than cordial, and I have given her no reason to think I am pressing her for my commission even though I have waited almost a year at this point just for a sketch.

I post this here in frustration for the lack of contact between myself and the artist. All the artists I have waited for in the past have kept in contact with me. Replied to my communications in a timely fashion, and I have waited patiently for them. I am not angry, I simply wish to know what is going on. However I do not wish for others to have to go through this immense waiting game without being forewarned about what you may encounter if you commission Lobby.

Her accounts are as follows:

Below is a screen shot record of the proceedings as I have described them. Certain personal things have been blacked out but the names on each note have been left to show that none of the more recent ones are from Lobby. (Note green circles indicate good exchanges with the artist, red indicates severe delinquency)

My Fur Affinity Inbox, this is the first page as denoted by the page number at the bottom.

My Fur Affinity Outbox.

My DeviantArt Outbox.

Lobby's DA Main page with her post from February 1st of 2010

Thanks for reading all,

~ Ace.

Edited: Fixed mistype from February 1st, 2009 to February 1st, 2010

P.S. - If anyone could put me in touch with Lobby, that would be awesome. I don't want to ream her or anything, I just want to know what's up that's all.
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