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Length of time to completion?

Hey everyone,

So I was just wondering how long do you think is too long when working on a trade or on a freebie?

I've had a couple of trades and some freebies waiting for quite a while now, I suffer from a fluctuating condition and I took them when I was in a period of remission but I had a serious relapse in my condition and thus haven't been able to do much in the way of art for the last six or so months due to having problems with adapting to using a wheelchair amoungst other things. (Thank god, my commission queue was clear) and though my condition has begun to clear up now and I'm starting to cope with the assistive devices I need so now I'm working on them, it kind of bothers me that I've taken so long.

So what do you consider is too long to wait for a trade or freebie?

(Regarding the trades? I'm trading for items, I've asked the people to hold the items and to despatch them once they receive the artwork.)

ETA: I am asking for general opinions so I can figure out an average sort of time to aim for in future. I'm looking for a general idea, most of the posts that do come up in the community deal with specific situations and as such much of what is posted about them usually relates solely to that situation and thus tends to cover a very narrow band of trades.
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