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UPS warning.

I remember a while ago there was a discussion on mailing items. I’d like to post a mailing warning that just happened.

I live with a co-worker. Everyone is home. The windows are open, you can see into the house. The man walked up, dropped the package in front of the door, then turned and left. No ringing of the doorbell, no knocking on the door, nothing. Sarah runs outside, picks it up, and sees in big bold red letters that a signature was required. She calls him over, just as he was pulling away, and points it out to him.

“I scanned it and it didn’t say I needed to get it signed.” Was his excuse.

After two hours on the phone with UPS, we find out that there WAS a signature required. But it is “up to the driver to decide if the neighborhood is safe enough to require a signature or not, or if to knock or not.”

Also, three hours after “scanning” the package, the tracking number doesn’t even show it was put on the truck today in the first place.

Warning, do not ship with UPS. They claim to scan the packages when they don’t, and even if you pay for signatures, it is their “decision” if they really need one or not.

By the way, the package was Sarah’s taxes. With her social security number, her address of where she works, so on and so forth. It’s lucky there were people in the house.

EDIT: Taking a suggestion from a comment. This incident happened in Southern California. A tax company in Garden Grove shipped to a house in Santa Ana via UPS (a.k.a. "Brown.")
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