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Double Latte Costumes

Paypal Dispute with Troy Mills

I had a feet paws/hand paws/husky tail set up for auction

Troy Mills, who recently had a rather bad entry posted about them over here
Fursuit entry -
Artists_Beware entry -

He had purchased the auction BIN from me. All was well. Communication was slow on his part. Few times he flew off the handle but didn't really think anything of it. I got them shipped out (insurance and tracking # included) once he received them, he told me he loved them they were amazing. He left me feedback saying:

User: shadowhusky (0) Date: February 17, 2010 4:31 PM EST Auction-No.: 232354815
Rating: Positive 1-10 Scale: 10
Comments: great work cant wait to fursuit in these quick shipping!!

After reading both the entries and the comments of those entries, I felt as though it would be best if I didn't put myself in a bad situation. So he had always asked if I could do his head, gave him multiple quotes, but he said his friend was going to do it (linked posts above). His friend was the one who posted those entries about him. I recieved an email today asking how much a head would cost. Below is the conversation we had (picture)

Additional conversation:

He as recently opened a paypal claim against me in the amount of $250 ($220 for the auction + $30 for shipping). How exactly do I go about this. The only reason hes opening this claim is because I won't accept his commission. What do I do? How do I go about letting Paypal know he's only opening this claim because he's mad at something else and that there is nothing wrong with the order itself?

EDIT Here is a screencap from the email saying he received the package

EDIT 2 Another screen cap of the tracking # and was also insured for $220

Screencap of the tracking # status on the website. Also says it's insured aswell

EDIT #3! Just checked my paypal and the claim/dispute has been dropped. He sent me an email saying he is going to get his friend to sell them for him but also said "i could still dispute this ya know" as if trying to scare me. (picture below)

Resolved (I think)
He's said hes going to get his friend to sell the items for him. He told me goodbye. He wanted me to delete my comments/entry here on A_B and on the entry in the fursuit LJ and he'd drop the subject but I'm not about to do that. As of right now, I'm pretty sure the case is resolved. He dropped the claim against me, he said hes going to try and sell the paws to someone.

Thank you guys for all the help. I'll start saving receipts now. I have all my information gathered thanks to your help in case he does decide to open a claim for whatever reason. :)
Tags: beware, comm-troymills/whitewolfwi/shadowhusky, fursuit, resolved

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