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Advice? Opinions?

This isn't a beware, and I'm hoping it's okay here, but I have a question that I was hoping to get some opinions on.

I get measurements from people to do certain fursuit commissions. One that I'm working on now, I'm pretty sure the measurements I'm getting from them are incorrect. I've asked them for measurements twice, just to make sure they're correct, but even with the 'corrected' measurement, it's so far from being possible that I'm not sure what to do.

Do I bug them again and tell them there's no way their measurements are right? Do I make them to the given specifications? Do I assume they're incorrect and adjust them accordingly?

Things I make come with a warranty, so if there's a problem it's up to me to fix it for free. If I assume the measurements are wrong and make them too large, I have to fix them. But here's the real issue: if I make them to the person's measurements and they're incorrect, is it all on me to fix them? Or do I tell them that they've been done to their specifications, and if adjustments must be made, I have to be paid more for the labor/materials? Given what it is, I may have to completely remake them if they don't fit properly.

Just wondering how other people deal with issues of warranty, and where the line of responsibility lies.
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