Vanessa (ichigoneko33) wrote in artists_beware,

Questions for TOS

I just have a few questions, since I'm going to be updating my TOS soon.


First one:

I give the option to my commissioners to keep omissions private, so, it will only be sent to them, not posted etc. But, what if they wanted me to not post it, but they post it in their gallery? Should I just do that or should I have the right to post it too?

Question Two:

I'm going to be offering traditional omissions soon and have sold one successfully already, since I just got some prisma markers. When I do digital, I update the commissioner with each step: Sketch, Ink, Flats and then the finished. They're allowed to change certain things in each step:


  • Sketch: Anything can be changed or can be completely redone (Limited number of times of course)

  • Ink: Smaller things can be changed, but still enough.

  • Flats: Only colors can be changed only I myself made a major mistake. If it's a mistake you did by not telling me to add something, then I won't change it usually.

  • Finished: Usually I don't change anything unless there's a small background or something.


Now, with traditional, I'm not able to make these changes, except in the sketch stage. Should I only show updates on the sketch and then finish the pic and send it to them?

There's also the problem that I don't always have the right colors, only close to the color it needs to be. Would this be important to add in the TOS?

Don't think I have any other questions, but if you have any tips, especially when it comes to traditional stuff and mailing things out, and even more, badges, I'd be very grateful!

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