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Watch out!

His name is Troy Mills or Whitewolf_wi or (newer) Shadowhusky
I know a small few of you have had encounters with him

Hes been on and off wanting a fursuit from me for about 3 years, and as always I gave him a quote and didnt expect anything from him. This time however he had cash in hand and wanted a husky head to match some paws and a tail he got off furbid. I told him 195.00 for the head becuase i knew he had money issues and becuase I had been dealing with him for so long. So he sent me 125 which I promptly used to order fur, get foam,glue and other supplies whick went up in price around here (but where has it not?), and ended up using like 10 bucks of my own cash for things, no biggie.
Well tonight He didnt seem thrilled about the fact I had not begun furring, even after explaing prior that it may be pushed back becuase we lost 2 people at work and there are 4 of us for two shops leaving me with full time hours + overtime and not much time to myself for fursuit work or anything else. First he said it was fine a few days later he got mad and accused me of lying to him about how far I was on the work and demanded a refund, I explaind that I already wasnt going to make much off the head to begin with and had already spent the money on supplies. He then name called,and other nasty things.

He has a habbit of emailing drunk,having massive mood swings if you dont reply back to him with in a day, taking weeks or even months to tell you he dosnt have the cash for the commission anymore and then some, and then will try his best to sling mud on whoever he sees as "being rude" for the smallest things like simply saying that your not open for work at the moment or the fact he has to make a deposit before he can book a spot.

I just wanted to let the rest of you know.

Be wary!
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