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A few Artist to look at

I know mostly this is a BEWARE LJ for bad thing.

but I'd like to list a few artists I have dealt with and have a great time doing so.

The commissions i've gotten from her have been above and beyond what I thought I'd get.
Heck I got a full colored single character picture.
I was very happy with the final image but because she was not, she redid it and gave me both.
but above all she had great contact with me.
My Commissions: (is colored now but she didn't have time to scan the colored)

Her sewing skills are great, and the wallet I got from her: is so great. Soft and nice.
She was very nice when I inquired about the fabrics she had to make them, and even sent me a few notes with link to photos of samples.
And the wallet was mailed fast and everything.

I've only commissioned a icon from her, but the turn around was SO fast. I know if she offers any other commission specials I'll try and get in on it.


I just listed the 3 most recent people I can think of.

Also wanted to list lesser known artist.


I hope it helps you in choosing your commission needs

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