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About a commissionee.

I actually got in contact with Tobias and we both apologized for this whole ordeal. He was experiencing trauma in his life, so I know understand his conduct. Please mark this thread as resolved :) Thank you all for your advice!

It seems as though one of my customers is trying to ruin my reputation. I will try to keep this brief, just in case this the wrong community.

The customer name is tobias_radjin

I was commissioned for a Mightyena cosplay partial a year or two ago. Once I finished it, I was in New York at the time, so I asked my brother to send it for me. Once the customer received it (unfortunately, it didn't arrive in time for his convention), he apologized for everything and stated that he loved the head. In order to show him my apologies for the missed deadline, I bought him an expensive and rare plush toy of a favorite character, and he accepted. He seemed to adore the partial! I also decided to give him a free head.

He changed the ideas at least five times, but I didn't mind since I haven't bought materials yet. I tell him that I have other orders before him, and I must finish those before starting. After changing the head AGAIN, he wanted his head in October. We both agreed. He THEN asked for the head to be done even EARLIER, and threw a fit because I said I had other others to finish and that we already agreed to finish this order in October. He says I 'lied about this agreement', even though I have proof in my email stating that we both agreed to it. He then tries to ruin my reputation by posting an entry on fursuit_auctions saying that he found flaws in the original commission partial. This is very strange considering he said he LOVED it once he received and over a half a year later, he NOW complains?

Right now, he is trying to continuously contact a customer that is a good friend of mine and already received his finished order. He tries to tell him lies about how horrible I am and how I "ruined his name in the cosplay community" or something. He says things along the lines of me being rude and nasty to him, when I am never EVER rude to any of my customers, especially ones that I missed deadlines for. I am not perfect, I admit my backlog of orders, but I am never rude to any customer and I have proof from my customers.

He seems to be happy in his suit, right? http://tobias-radjin.deviantart.com/art/Kane-the-Mightyi-113582582

The email (my friend's name will be crossed out to protect his identity, unles he wants to post here himself). This is one of the many emails he has been sending him.
EDIT: Friend asked me to cross out his real name

The original link where he tried ruin my reputation with lack of evidence: http://community.livejournal.com/fursuitauctions/949910.html#comments

He had to sell his Mightyena in order to pay for some bills, but after he sold it, he claims that I forced him to and was 'very angry' at him for selling it. As you can see from the posts here, I never stated that I was angry or forceful.

The original link: http://community.livejournal.com/fursuitauctions/873795.html

It's strange.. this customer is bipolar. He is over friend one minute, then blows off at me at how horrible I am, then says sorry and befriends, and blows off again. He did this many times, and I finally got fed up and told him I am no longer making him his free head because of his conduct.

If you would like me to provide any proof of emails and such, let me know and I will be glad to provide him.

This customer is by far the most difficult (if not ONLY) customer I ever dealt with. I do not want to give names now (until I confirm which community to post this in), but I want you commissioners to avoid this guy at ALL COSTS.

I don't know whether to approach this guy or not.. any advice? I am frustrated to this point that he continues to try to ruin me when this thing is already done with.

I will be providing more evidence tonight or tomorrow, my internet is acting up and won't let me access Yahoo.

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