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Kerstin Orion

Mod post: Reminder about rule #5

In case you missed the first post about it, the community rules and posting guidelines were revised back in January. If you haven't done so already, please take a visit to our community info page and take a look.

Rule number five was written specifically to address situations such as what occurred in this post. A discussion of the relevance of a post can make everyone lose sight of the purpose of the post in the first place.

To reiterate, rule number five states:

"Posts are moderated. This means that before members can see the post, a moderator has verified that it fits the rules of this community, and is not something that has already been covered (if discussion-minded). If you have concerns about a certain post, please contact a moderator directly through private message or email. Do not comment in the post questioning its relevance."

This means you are allowed to question the mods about whether a post belongs here, but in the interest of keeping things on-topic, you must do so in a place other than inside the post itself.

I would also like to remind everyone not to join in the discussion if someone does question the post's relevance. Just like with troll threads, you should contact a moderator rather than reply to the comment.

In the future, comments questioning a post's relevance will have replies frozen, and any comments made in response before the thread is frozen will be screened. We will practice common sense when screening the replies, and may leave in place comments in the thread which are actually on-topic.

To send a private LJ message:
1. Go to the community profile.
2. Click on the little 'LJ-person' symbol next to a moderator's name. This will take you to their user info page.
3. On the top right of the user info page, click on "Send Message".
4. Compose your message, click send, and away it goes straight to the mod. It also sends an email if that person has that option selected (I do).
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