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Important update regarding the package from Bambiboo3.

I received notification this evening at 7:45PM EST (4:45PM PST) that the package has been
sent, along with a refund of $27.70 to my Pay Pal and her apologies for getting over her head.

I was also messaged via Gmail's chat client at 8:01PM EST(5:01PM PST) by Audri with her apologies, about why it was delayed, and the in addition during next week that I would be refunded $165.00 and to keep the package for my troubles. I explained to her that despite her wanting to refund everything, I only wanted the package and the $27.70 refunded. If she wishes to send the full amount, it is fine. I will be happy to hold on to it, inspect the package contents, and send the $165.00 back to her.

While being instant messaged at 8:01PM EST(5:01PM PST), I had contacted the Camas, WA PD at 7:41PM EST (4:41PM PST) to go over proceedings due to finding out she would be moving two weeks post February 15 noted on her Facebook account's Wall tab, which made it look like she might possibly be leaving without sending a package and keeping the payment. The email popped up as well as her chat, which I mentioned to the officer during our conversation. He did want to verify that she lived at her residence, which he was unable to at the time (the chat ended at 8:59PM EST (5:59 PST), stopping by the address at 9:15PM EST (6:15PM EST). He will be making an additional attempt to do so.

While chatting, I did mention to Audri that since it has been sent and the $27.70 was refunded, that no legal action will currently be taken place, but an officer will be stopping by to verify her residence.

The package is being sent 7-day USPS with tracking. I will be posting photos and possibly video when it is received and opened, and posting an updated post here. Thank you everyone who has given your feed back and Audri for getting in touch with me and resolving this matter.

Audri, I wish you well with your move and I hope from this situation you have learned an important life lesson.
Tags: artist-bambiboo3/audriangaeta/happytails, fursuit

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