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Sending Bambiboo3 a legal reminder.

I received a brief email (with bad spelling) yesterday afternoon, in which I replied. This morning I sent her an email regarding the conditions of what would occur if I did not hear back from her prior to Sunday at Noon PST.

Sent: To Bambiboo3 via Gmail from her Gmail address.
Date: February 23, 2010
Subject: Head and possible future appearances.


I haven't heard from you for several days. I figured email might be best rather than Fur Affinity despite it logging messages.

I had more co-workers asking me about doing appearances at work with the Cat character. I hadn't heard back from you regarding if you were able to mail the head.

I also feel awkward that every month since contacting you I've had to ask about it being shipped. Please let me know ASAP. I will honestly need it mailed prior to March 1st if it hasn't been shipped or will need to request a refund.

Thanks in advance and take care.

Exxxx Rxxxxxxxxxx

Sent: From Bambiboo3 via Gmail from her Gmail address:
Date: February 25, 2010
Subject: Re: Head and possible future appearances.

hey sorry about the lack of communication ill be sending it out tommorwow

Sent: To Bambiboo3 via Gmail from her Gmail address.
Date: February 25, 2010
Subject: Head and possible future appearances.


I appreciate you getting back to me. I absolutely need this shipped
tomorrow in the same condition as photographed in your ad with
tracking sent 2 day USPS with a tracking # as proof of it being sent.
I will need you to email me the information tomorrow.

In addition, I will need the $27 refunded, as I had already paid you
for shipping back in November, realizing this as of last night. If a
package was returned, it not my responabilty to pay for shipping
twice. I feel that I am being taken advantage of and each month I am
given an excuse or it is "being shipped tomorrow."

Please send it tomorrow, Friday, February 26th.


Sent: To Bambiboo3 via Gmail from her Gmail address.
Date: February 25, 2010
Subject: IMPORTANT: Mailing the head with tracking on Friday, February 26th, 2010 with insurance.


This is a reminder to mail out the black and white cat mascot head via USPS priority 2 day shipping with tracking with insurance for $150 to the following address:


The amount of $27.00 must also be sent prior to Noon (12:00PM) Pacific Standard Time to refund the overage for the double paid shipping.

I will need you to contact me no later than Noon (12:00PM) Pacific Standard Time. If I do not receive a notification that it has been sent with the above mentioned (2 day USPS shipping, tracking, insurance, and a refund of $27.00), I will be having my lawyer, Eric O. Costello Esq., contact you via email and a legal certified letter to Camas, Washington.

I am very serious about this matter. This package should have been shipped back in November 2010 after payment was received. If this email or any other contact is further ignored I will unfortunately need to take further legal action regarding this situation..


I really hope she takes this all serious, because at this point I'm pretty fed up. I'll have another update on either Monday or Tuesday. This will either involve Pay Pal or a certified letter from my lawyer (or both).

I had this pointed out to me. In the letter I sent her this morning, there is a date reading November 2010. It should read 2009, and will be emailing her regarding that shortly. As I mentioned in one of the replies below, every email I send is basically adding onto my aggravation. I just hope this whole thing ends well.
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