Elizabeth Watkins (spirit86) wrote in artists_beware,
Elizabeth Watkins

HORRID Commissioner

God… if you get a commission request from agentgreen from sheezyart.com… SAY NO! Here’s the story:

I fell into some hard luck and needed money fast, so I was doing commissions FAR below my usual rates. I had him IM me and he wanted to “help me out” by commissioning me. So I was like “YES! HUZZAH!” He sent the payment quickly and a reference a few nights after the payment was confirmed, I thought, “wow… this commission is going to be easy.” When I asked, “Well, what would you like your character (drubear) to be doing?” he replied with “You’re an artist, you can do whatever you want, just be creative.”

Four images later he’s still VERY unpleased and fails to keep contact. He doesn’t like peace or violence in his pictures, doesn’t like headshots, doesn’t like stale poses… and fails to get in touch with ME about it until days and days later, but instead complains to other people who have been considering commissioning me.

I’ve NEVER had ANYONE complain about a commission that I have done. I’m a VERY considerate person, especially when it comes to someone paying me for something. I take my time, do my best work, and if need be, I’ll do it over without complaint, and normally I send out an extra gift like a conbadge of the commissioned character… but this guy is going crazy.

I was being friendly and told him “Because it’s taken so long, I’m sending you ALL the original images with this last one,” well, apparently this cannot be the last image. He wants more for his single payment and I’m honestly beginning to think that’s what it’s all about.

So in a nutshell: he’s commissioned me at a MUCH lower price than usual, had me do various images of his character and turn every one of them down and has YET to tell me what he DOES want, badmouths me to other potential commissioners, and refuses to accept any of the works completed.

I’d HIGHLY suggest saying no to “AgentGreen”.
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