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No responses from an Artist

This entry involves Chochi on FA

Back in May 2009, I commissioned this artist for a two character full color image. The price was $49 split into two payments; $24 due at the beginning and $25 due upon final preview of the work. The first payment was made at the end of May.

Chochi was quick to provide a preview sketch for the commission on June 1st. I loved it. Within my emailed reply, I suggested one modification. I received no reply back. On June 8th I sent off a message asking if he received the last email. No reply again. On June 13th, I sent one more message where he was very apologetic and had mentioned that it had been a busy week.

By the next month, he posts this to his FA account:
This journal was posted 6 months ago and lists the piece I commissioned being 90% completed.

That was the last thing I've heard about that commission.
Its been 6 months since and I've seen nothing.

About once a month, I have sent a simple message through the FA note system asking kindly for an update. According to the Outbox they are read, but he has not given me a reply.

I'm understanding if an artist is having difficulty, whatever the reason may be. I'm an artist myself and have taken on commissions before. But absolutely no correspondence for half a year does not sit well with me.

[EDIT] As of today (4/24/2010) Chochi has contacted me with the completed piece. I should however mention that there had been no correspondence up to the point of him sending the final piece (a period of 8 months).
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